Monday, January 4, 2010

Aprons for mommy and me... and doll

Matching Aprons. i'll post a pic of them wearing the aprons.

I made these aprons and matching kitchen towels for bridal gifts. I wrapped them in a colander with sparkling cider, noodles, sauce, noodle scooper and a recipe card.

These are the aprons I made for Grandma Becky and aunt Connie.

busy like a bee

I had so much fun sewing this Christmas season, I didn't even know I could sew! This is the jeans quilt I made for Tom. The funny thing about this project, I had been saving levis for over 10 years just hoping to be able to give my husband my first quilt. When I went to get the box from the garage it was no where to be found. So thanks for all the donated jeans. And yes he looooves it! The skull fabric backing was a hit!